Tuesday, 3 March 2009

SIDEBAR ALERT: Publishers' Blogs

Why do we read publishers' blogs?

What do we want, what do we need from them? Market information? Formatting tips for submissions? Marketing ideas? Insider gossip? A sense of connection? Daily commentary on the struggles and joys of wrestling with writers, printers and distributors? An introduction to their editor or agent? Possibly a mix of all the above plus.

Non-writing readers' needs are different; they're possibly looking for giveaways, signed copies, dates and venues of appearances, news of re-issues and future projects, movie and TV spin-offs, or the opportunity to ask the author a question, or thank the author for their efforts. Most of them are satisfied with access to a well-designed website.

And bookblog reviewers visit publishers' blogs in the hope getting their hands on advance copies, or lining up an interview or a guest blog post by a writer.

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