Tuesday, 7 April 2009


My original post about Macmillan New Writing stirred a lot of interest.

This led to another post picking up on comments Will Atkins, MNW's commissioning editor, left on a thread on the forum over at Authonomy, HarpernotCollins' online slushpile.

In the original post I referred you to Macmillan New Writers' blog.

Well, if you did check it out (Whaddya mean, 'I've got no time for that nonsense'?) and bookmarked it as you should have done, you'll have seen an interview with Will Atkins orchestrated and conducted by two of MNW's authors, David Isaak and Tim Stretton.

I have never read such a revealing insight into the thinking behind a contemporary imprint.

There's no flim-flam, no self-aggrandizing twaddle, just straight honest answers to plainly wrought questions.

Go there. Read it. Consider your options.

And, while you're making up your mind whether Macmillan New Writing is for you or not, go buy some of their writers' books. Read them. Enjoy them. Then reflect on the care that's gone into producing them.

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