Thursday, 9 April 2009


Before we all get sorted for the holiday weekend I thought to post a summary of the links you'll find here if you take the time to nosey about in the sidebar:

  • 99 U.K. Literary agents' websites
  • 50 U.S. Literary agents' websites
  • 46 Literary agents' blogs
  • 21 blogs by editors of various descriptions
  • 23 U.K. publishers' blogs
  • 40 U.S. publishers' blogs
  • 2 Canadian publishers' blogs
  • 3 Irish publishers' blogs
  • 15 Blogs about independent and self-publishing
  • 4 Outstanding examples of writers' blogs
  • 13 Blogs by writers of general contemporary fiction
  • 6 Childrens and young adult writers' blogs
  • 10 Crime writers' blogs
  • 5 Historical writers'blogs
  • 1 Blog by a narrative non-fiction writer
  • 7 Blogs by Romance writers.
  • 12 Blogs by writers of Science-fiction and Fantasy
  • 7 Thriller writers' blogs
  • 2 Travel writers' blogs
  • 3 Poets' blogs
  • 5 Expert review and critique websites
  • 12 Peer review and critique websites
  • 18 Literary festivals.
And the lists grow longer every week.

Please, if you know of any online resources which you regard as being essential reading for emerging writers then please pass them on. Or, drop a note in a comments box offering to write a post about a resource you would recommend.

Have a good Easter weekend.


  1. This is a well-respected writer's forum:

    You might want to consider adding it to your lists which I'm finding very useful. Thanks for all the hard work.


  2. Are you interested in those who publish online? I consider this method an excellent choice for writers not interested in conventional publication. My YA fantasy novel Mortal Ghost is read regularly, and I'll be serialising my new YA F/SF novel Corvus shortly.

    This may not be for everyone, but I'm convinced there is a place for good self-publishing in e-format, especially in light of the growing popularity of e-readers.

  3. Hi Mags, thanks for the tip. I'll put up a link to Backspace today. I dropped by your website the other day, in part hoping to find a blog. Enjoyed thes tory and photo re: Kirk Douglas. Regards.

  4. Hi Lee, thanks for jogging me about e-publishing. I must be honest -I'm a bit blind to e-publishing developments - although I have got E-Reads in the sidebar here. Good suggestion which I will follow up. Thanks again, regards.