Friday, 27 August 2010


Don't pick up a penguin -- have Penguin pick you up.

Penguin U.K. have announced that they are open to receive submissions directly from writers -- for a limited period until the end of October, 2010.

They are currently inviting writers to forward submissions to the following address:

Submissions should comprise a brief covering note and a synopsis,  NOT a full manuscript. Please do not send attachments. Write your cover note and synopsis in the body of the email.

They will not contact you with feedback on your submission and will only enter into email correspondence with you if an editor within Penguin is keen to progress your idea.

To check it out go here -- you'll find the information buried amid the FAQs at question number 11: How can I get my book published?

What are they looking for? Apologies, but I cannot give you any more information. It may be worth checking out their blog here to pick up a few clues.

Could prove to be a worthwhile opportunity. Must be worth a try. Before Picador paperbacks began publishing Penguin (and Pelican) were always my first choice for a good read. But I'm not so picky about publishers now.

Penguin Ireland will also accept submissions directly from writers, but, please note, NOT email submissions. To check out their submission guidelines go here.  And, yes, they WILL consider work from writers living outside Ireland.

Penguin Australia is NOT currently accepting submissions for their adult lists, but they are accepting submissions for their childrens and young adults lists. You could keep an eye on their requirements here.

Penguin New Zealand seem a bit more ambivalent. Check out what they say here.

Penguin South Africa will gladly look at your submissions. Go here.

Penguin Canada trot out the usual 'thanks, but no thanks' guff here.

Penguin U.S.A. similar story, BUT they are accepting submissions for their DAW science-fiction and fantasy imprint. Go here.

Penguin India are not so standoffish and WILL look at submissions for English-language fiction (novels, novellas and short stories), poetry, general and narrative non-fiction, biographies and memoirs, current affairs, business, travel, cookery, religion, philosophy and self-help, reference and quizzing, photography and illustrated books. Go here to find how to present your proposal.

And, finally, Penguin China are NOT accepting any submissions.