Thursday, 7 April 2011


If you look in the sidebar you'll see I've put up a list of twenty-three Irish publishers who will look at submissions from writers. This list supersedes the list I posted two years ago HERE.

I have not included publishers looking for material in the Irish language, nor have I included poetry presses and literary magazines.

All the publishers listed will look at fiction of one kind or another - by which I mean O'Brien, for example, will only look at fiction for children and young adults but not adult fiction. Be advised, too, that Hodder Headline will ONLY look at work submitted by writers who have already had work published - they will NOT look at submissions by unpublished writers.

To complement this list I have also opened up a new sidebar list of Irish Literary Agents' Websites where you'll find six different agencies listed.
And, remember, there is already a list of Irish Publishers' Blogs in the sidebar.

If you're looking to have any dealings with Irish publishers and/or agents I strongly recommend you go HERE (the Irish Writers' Union) first and read their FAQs.

Also, to get a current, upclose feel for the publishing scene in Ireland I recommend you subscribe to Eoin Purcell's blog HERE. Eoin not only writes about Irish publishing - of which he is extremely knowledgeable - but issues facing publishers, editors, writers and retailers globally.

And, to round off, if you're based in the States and looking for an in into Ireland you may want to check out Svetlana Pironko's Author Rights Agency HERE.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the photo is of Brendan Behan, tapping away in a pub.

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