Tuesday, 21 June 2011


OK, excepting Penguin UK (which opened up for direct submissions for a limited time) there are now 77 UK publishers linked in the sidebar headed U.K. Publishers Who Accept Submissions.

I know there are more out there, but they're swamped, or taking a breather while they re-assess their situation in the scheme of things.

Again, I will remind you that those listed are not fly-by-night (love that expression) enterprises (however, should your experience tell you otherwise please let me know) but genuine outfits concerned to promote their vision of good writing in print format.

You know the ropes - if not, make it your duty to learn the ropes. Do not send stuff you are unconvinced is a match for the particular imprint. Doing so makes you look silly, gums up the works for everyone else thinking of approaching them and generally pisses people off.

Read the submission guidelines. Research the publisher, imprint, commissioning editor. Find their blog, if they have one. Familiarise yourself with their policies, their foibles, their needs, their desires. Then compile your submission package.

Among the new links you'll find The Fiction Desk, specialists in short stories lovingly bound in soft cover and offered on subscription. They have some brilliant writers on board. I may very well forward them some stuff, but only after I've done a bit more homework.


  1. Dear Mr. Phillipps,
    It was sort of like opening a door.
    I have been writing Just Jake for about 8, exactly 8 years, my daughter is 8. Then we lived in Aspen Colorado, my 84 year old mother took ill and we returned to Northumberland, recession and unemployment. Be about then a hobby took on a different dimension and writing and single malt a whole new way of life.
    I am on a final read through, be finished by the end of April, was a bit nervous about finding, how to find representation; your blog is a light in the tunnel, bread crumbs out of the cave.
    If you would be interested in opening a dialogue e-mail me at ianpurvis47@gmail.com.

  2. Well where is this list of 77 publishers?

    1. On the right...scroll down..

  3. Thank you so much for this list. Good luck everyone.

  4. Really helpful, thanks.

  5. Genuinely helpful; thank you!

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