Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I have begun transferring links from this blog to my main website here – they are situated, unsurprisingly, on the Clueless, INK pages.
When you visit the page you’ll find a revised list of 57 UK publishers who accept submissions from writers.
Why? Things were getting a bit fragmented; I thought it time to start crowding under the same umbrella – makes it easier for you, and easier for me.
I’ve run through the list of UK Publishers who accept submissions and chucked out dead links, and those publishers who have amended their submissions policy. I’ve also re-organised the links so it is now possible to hit links by constituent nation, and added a discreet category for childrens/young adult publishers. I HAVE NOT CLEANED UP THE LINKS ON THIS BLOG. If you want to refer to the up-to-date list of links you need to visit this page.
An interesting exercise. I was surprised by how few UK publishers have gone under – or, perhaps, how many have survived. A few of those previously listed have stated an intention to return to an open submissions policy once they have got on top their backlog — but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
Among UK publishers who have modified their submissions policy is the Macmillan New Writing imprint.
I’ve also run through the independent authors’ and publishers’ list – and scrubbed out dead links.
PLEASE NOTE that I HAVE NOT YET cleaned up the CanadianIrish and U.S.A. publisher links – but will do so over the coming week.
If you’re looking for a UK publisher then best of  luck with your endeavours. In the meantime here’s a link to Anthony Horovitz’s thoughts on self-publishing etc.

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