Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jack King - Author of Suspense

I like Jack King.

I like it when he says, if ever in a position to do so, he'd:

"...make it mandatory for everyone who turns 18 (preferably younger) to be involved in some form of an exchange program such as living abroad, not necessarily working for some goodie-goodie causes, but simply living among other cultures. This should be government sponsored, fully paid for.
more importantly it would help understanding and appreciation of the differences and distinctiveness of peoples of the planet. I'd say if you can spend millions to train a soldier then you can spend a few lousy bucks to send kids to learn about other cultures."

I've been saying the same for many years. (I can hear my friends and family yawning.)

I like Jack King and I like his website.

I like the fact he's assembled a very useful A-B-C- of terms used in the business of espionage and intelligence.

I like the way he describes his experience of contacting 423 literary agents, receiving only 196 replies, firing off a query to a publisher and getting a deal.

I like the fact that he's assembled some very useful links including Aljazeera and The Tribune and loads of other useful stuff.

I like the fact he posts recipes, and links to the slow food movement.

I like the fact he links to John Baker.

I like the way he goes about attempting the balance 'tween life and writing and his love of the outdoors.

You'll find a wealth of very useful stuff over at his website. Go there, check it out. Browse around a bit. You'll be glad you did.

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