Wednesday, 25 February 2009


A few notes concerning the list of more than 90 UK agents over in the sidebar here.

The list is NOT definitive. There are still numerous UK agents without a presence on the web.
As far as I am aware none of the agents listed are scammers. Aside from those with whom I've had contact* I cannot vouch for any of them.

  • Not all the agents listed handle fiction.
  • Not all the agents listed handle children's and teen fiction. A couple of the agencies listed only handle children's and teen fiction. (I'm not promising, but if I get time I may create a discrete list of agents which specialise in children's and teen/young adult fiction.)
  • A few of the agents listed only handle theatre, film and TV scripts.
  • A few of the agencies listed are talent management agencies; as such they represent actors, after-dinner speakers, motivational speakers, theatre and film directors etc etc etc as well as writers.
  • As ever DO YOUR HOMEWORK before making contact with the agents listed. And by homework I don't mean making sure you've spelled the particular agent's name correctly; make sure as best you can that they will be interested in your area of work.

I've tested all the links and have not encountered problems. (I haven't listed sites that require downloading apps before allowing access.) I'll maintain and update the list as best I can, but if you do encounter problems then do please let me know. Thanks.

Keeping the list together is an interesting, if laborious, exercise; years of browsing notwithstanding, I still turn up agencies I've never heard of before. And I've 'scoped out one or two that looked a good fit for my novel - I'll let you know how I get on.

When maintaining the list I've been surprised by the growing number of agents based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other English speaking territories. At present I only have lists of UK and US agents. Would it be helpful to you if I created a list of agents in other English speaking territories? Please let me know. If I get a few positive responses I'll set to.

Happy querying y'all, and keep the faith.

*Blake Friedmann, Mic Cheetham, Rogers, Coleridge & White, Gregory & Company, Caroline Davidson, Futerman, Rose & Associates and David Higham.

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