Friday, 5 November 2010

THAT SNOWFLAKE GUY and other useful resources

You'll see I've created a new sidebar category simply titled RESOURCES.

Heading the list of links is Advanced Fiction Writing, a blog and website published by Randy Ingermanson, "America's Mad Professor of Fiction Writing," also known as The Snowflake Guy.
Mr Ingermanson got lumbered with the mad professor tag because he is a PhD in physics, has published several novels, and has developed a series of classes for fiction writers. He is also the author of Writing Fiction for Dummies.

A couple of years ago I needed a bit of help with developing a novel I was working on; I couldn't seem to sustain any sense of forward motion. After months of tinkering, adding, chopping and tinkering again, I stumbled across Advanced Fiction Writing. And, I'm really glad I did. 

I was skeptical, but also at the point where I'd try anything which might help get the whole shebang on the road again. So, I trawled through Mr Ingermanson's website and read and studied the free stuff. And, it worked. Through following the basic Snowflake model, one step after another, I managed to put the re-energised novel back on track.

Go here to read an introduction to the Snowflake method.

If you feel a need you can buy various essays, training exercises and creative writing course material. I can't vouch for these.  

Mr Ingermanson is very open about his leaning on Swain, which he insists is, "quite simply the finest book ever written on how to write fiction. If you don't have this book, you are robbing yourself blind."

I like Ingermanson's warm, chatty tone. You may not.

Though knowing Ingermanson is a Christian writer, and thinking I may get spammed by bible bashers, I signed up for his email newsletter. I'm glad I did, it's very good, and need not have worried - I've had no spam and junk problems.

When you visit RESOURCES in the sidebar you'll find links to more than a dozen sites offering information, inspiration, tips, tricks and lots of other stuff to help or divert you.

If you know of any useful resources please pass on a link in the comments box. Thanks.

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