Monday, 30 March 2009


Every writer must have an Irish writer among their favourites. Who's yours? Swift? Wilde? Joyce? Behan? Beckett? G.B. Shaw? W.B. Yeats? Flann O'Brien? Brian Friel? Or Heaney? Or maybe John B. Keane - author of The Field (published by Mercier Press featured in the list that follows)?

Or perhaps Cathal Ó Sándair, who wrote over 100 novels, including westerns and the Réics Carló Irish language detective series?

Or maybe, all you urban fantasy-vampire writers out there, it's Bram Stoker. Yes, that's right, Bram Stoker. Until undertaking a little research for this post I'd never known that Bram Stoker was Irish. Silly me.

Putting this list together was a very interesting exercise, almost a pleasure. The welcoming and helpful tone used in the submission guidelines you'll find here is markedly different to the tone used by U.K. and U.S. publishers (if they have any submission guidelines at all).

This list isn't definitive - I'll update as and when - and if you know of any Irish publishers who will accept submissions from writers then please pass them on via the comments box below this post. Thanks.

I repeat again the preamble to the U.K. list below. PLEASE READ IT:

The links I've posted here will take you straight to the appropriate page on the publisher's website detailing their submissions policy and instructions. PLEASE read these carefully and do as asked.

While on any site I strongly recommend you browse around a bit and familiarise yourself with the publisher's list, seek out their blog (if they have one) and gather clues on their current acquisitions policy.

If a publisher has a newsletter, and they seem as though they could be a possible home for your work at some point in the future, then sign up.

PLEASE, don't just smash, grab and send; give careful thought to your query and show consideration.

You know the drill - but if you don't, don't send, otherwise a few more doors may close.

  • O'Brien - NO adult fiction, poetry and academic works. Children's fiction, children's non-fiction and adult non-fiction only.

  • Woodfield Press - Biography, local history, women’s history/studies, social history.


Best of luck - and if you do find a publisher from the above list please come back and share your experience. Thanks.


  1. Hello Haarlson,

    We have a submission opage, it's just not linked off the main page (something we'll try and rectify soon). You can read it here I prefer submissions by e-mail.


  2. Hi Eoin, many thanks for taking the time to forward the link. I shall edit forthwith. Regards.