Wednesday, 15 April 2009


We all need a break during the day now and then. And, for some of us, having a break during a working day means hanging out on a writers' forum.

What do we hope to find?

Do we go there with the expectation of joining or, more boldly, initiating erudite discussion on the real grit of the nuts'n'bolts manouevres in the dark that is creating fiction and narrative non-fiction? Or, do we simply want to shoot the breeze with fellow dunces? Or, maybe expound on a pet theory? Or, maybe just remind the world that we're still here, plugging away?

Maybe we just want to connect.

Whatever your initial motivation there are dozens of sites out there where you can hang out, sound off, pick up tips, learn more than you ever wanted to know about a fellow writer's obsessions, and throw your still tiny voice around like confetti in a gale.

Here are a few writers' forums you may want to check out:

  • Absolute Write - Very much a U.S. site. Though it welcomes furriners, it's made pretty darn clear the regulars don't tolerate no Brit affectation when it comes to spelling, syntax and grammar; no way, not now, not today and not tomorrow.

  • Authonomy - Be mindful this is a competitive slushpile set-up. Possibly the most international of the forums I've visited.

  • The Write Idea - Very polite, but useful, by comparison with other sites.

  • Writers Dock - Though you may want to check this out before you commit yourself.

  • YouWriteOn - Another competitive slushpile set-up. A shadow of what it once was.

There are, of course, many, many more general writing forums out there. And then there are more focussed forums. I'll keep an eye out and report back as and when I come across them.

In the meantime please let me know your favourite forum and I'll put up a link.


  1. My favorite is Forward Motion -

    There are private spaces for critique circles, short classes every month and the "novel in two years" classes.

    Lot's of good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Haarlson. :)

  3. Hi Ms Kitty, thanks for calling by - I'll head over to Forward Motion and check it out. Many thanks, regards.