Monday, 14 September 2009


Yes, that's correct - if you look at the sidebar here you'll find links to two hundred and twelve literary agents' websites:

114 U.S. based literary agents
98 U.K. based literary agents.

Not a bad start if you're actively looking for an agent.

To help your quest you may want to check out Noah Lukeman's book How to Land (and keep) a Literary Agent.

You can download the first 20 pages of the book here before making up your mind to buy it.

While you're at it you could also download Mr Lukeman's very useful FREE e-book How to Write a Great Query Letter here.

And, of course, you could go to Mr Lukeman's agency's website - you'll note that he is not currently seeking new clients. And, you could go here and sign up to Mr Lukeman's very useful monthly email newsletter.

You can check out what I think of Noah Lukeman's The First Five Pages and The Art of Punctuation here and here.

That should keep you busy - though focussed on the task of finding an agent - for a while. Good luck.

I'm aware some visitors to the blog may not realise that the links to literary agents' websites are near the bottom of the sidebar, below Writers' Forums and above Useful Downloads.

If you look in the sidebar you'll also find links to 51 literary agents' blogs - ranging from the very current and very active Nathan Bransford to the archived, though very useful, Miss Snark.


  1. Thanks for amassing all these links in one place. Very useful.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, glad you appreciate the links, and hope you find them useful.

  3. I do.

    And it's not so much of a stop as a start...