Tuesday, 6 April 2010


As you'll see over in the sidebar I've posted links to 52 UK publishers who will consider submissions from writers.

I have not included academic publishers, textbook publishers and publishers whose lists are exclusively based on hobbies, collecting and leisure interests and local history.

The links will take you to the appropriate submissions pages. If you come across any broken links then do please let me know.

Not all the publishers listed, Two Ravens Press and Tonto Books, for example, are looking at submissions at the current time - so do check the submission guidelines before wasting your time, and your targetted publisher's time.

There are some highly regarded and respected imprints among the list: Canongate, Headline, Myrmidon, Macmillan New Writing, Quartet and Snowbooks for example.

Please, do not even begin to form the impression that because these publishers are still open to approaches from writers they collectively represent a soft-touch route into print, that their editorial standards are not as exacting as the corporate publishers. It could be said that their standards are higher. Look at Jamie Byng's imprint Canongate for example, note some of the writers: Barack Obama, Philip Pullman, Yann Martel -- hardly newbie scribblers who couldn't place their work elsewhere.

Most of the companies listed are steered by strong, singular personalities whose aim is to put strong individual voices in reach of discerning, individually minded readers.

A point reinforced by Mark Hodkinson at Pomona Books (not currently accepting submissions) who says, "I think the best publishing houses are built on the taste of one or two people and to hell with committees or marketing strategies. If I love a book and believe in it, we'll publish it."

Similarly, Emma Barnes, Managing Director at Snowbooks, asks herself of every book they consider, "Do we love it enough to invest around £10,000 of our own money and eight months of our working life in it?"


  1. Thanks so much for posting this list of independents - it has given me another 17 to try when I thought I had them all. A really useful blog for those of us still in the slightly clueless category.

  2. Hi Clare, pleased you find the blog useful. Thanks very much for taking the time to post your comment. Best of luck with your endeavours. Regards

  3. I notice you don't have The Book Guild included on your list. They certainly accept submissions from writers.

  4. Hi Clare, the reason I haven't listed the Book Guild is that they have long been known as a vanity publisher. I try not to list links to vanity publishers. Regards.

  5. This has been a great resource for me as I try to publish my novel in the UK. I hope someone will take a chance on my book.



  6. Hi Rob, thanks for your appreciation. Wish you well with your endeavours.
    Reduced hope, based on increased research and increased faith, will often reduce chance. Your work is not a bet - it's a proposition.
    All the best, regards.

  7. This is so encouraging . I am in the process of the final edit and will be looking for a publisher. This will realy help.
    Thank you. Much appreciated.

    Katy Roberts,
    Phobic Dawn.

  8. This site is a delight.
    You're a master in linking people. Love you film and book choices. And I'm very happy to have found this list of interesting publishers. Hopefully I'll now find a person who will fall in love with my story.

  9. Hi Pia, thanks for taking the time and trouble to post an appreciative comment. Such comments make the effort worthwhile.I caught your note on Authonomy too. You're very welcome - hope you discover a few potential leads on here. All the best, regards.

  10. Hi, I've just stumbled onto your site. Very informative. I've recently written around 60 (Yes 6 0) stories for children. I thought that was the hard part. But it turns out the hard part is getting them published. To find any publishers who would stoop so low as to correspond directly to the author is amazing. Not even the Literary Agents will do that sometimes. I was thinking of looking for agents of literary agents of publishers...Wish me luck Judith

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  12. Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to post these names. Its this sort of thing that really helps during the ongoing struggle to be published well. I am just about ready to send of my new book of short stories and poetry from Ireland.
    I was born and live in Northern Ireland and currently live at the coast near Bangor county down.
    I have wanted to find a good UK based publisher to push my work locally.
    My first book was published out of NYC in the US and has done well over there.

    Colin T Mercer
    Author of 'For Irish Eyes'

  13. Hi Colin, thanks for your thanks. I often feel I don't do enough, and am for ever beating myself up for being too lax in my research. Anyway, best of luck with your search for a good UK publisher - there has to be at least which is a good fit for your work. All the best, regards.

  14. Hi, thanks for your list. I will use it to send my manuscript.

  15. paul Connor-Kearns18 May 2012 at 05:16

    Hi Haarlson, thanks for all your hard work- much appreciated.

    Best wishes to you,


  16. Hello,
    Thank you very much for all the work you do!
    But being a creative writer I would like to say something positive about THE BOOK GUILD. Errrrrrr?

    Best wishes


  17. Hi, Flambard Press in the UK has closed.