Sunday, 28 March 2010


I've added a new category in the sidebar: MARKETS.

You'll find it listed after U.S. Publishers' Blogs.

MARKETS will feature links to sources of information regarding material editors are currently looking for.

Don't get too excited - I'm no mind reader - and I don't share the same executive restrooms as the big boys and girls use in London and New York. But you will find links to the kind of long fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and essays that print (magazine, chapbook, anthology) and online editors are looking for.

The first link in the MARKETS sidebar is: Places for Writers, a Canadian based site which has been posting submission calls, writing contests, occasional literary news and publishing information since 1997.
The site also has comprehensive lists of links to Canadian writers' and literary organizations.
In fact, I wish I'd known about this site before I penned my post about Canadian publishers here.

I've also put a link to Dark Markets - which carries useful market information for writers of horror.

And I've put up a link to an anonymous, (from the address I deduce it has been compiled by someone on the staff at Cambridge University), though comprehensive and up-to-date, series of lists of links to print and web based literary magazines and poetry publishers.

And, of course, there's the well-known and award-winning Duotrope's Digest, which lists more than 2850 fiction and poetry publishers.

I've also put a link to Fiction Factor's market listings.

You'll also find a link to WritersWeekly and their listing of current opportunities.

And, finally, I've put up a link to science fiction & fantasy writer Douglas Smith's Foreign Market List. Though, before you head off and start sending work out to publishers on this list YOU MUST read Mr Smith's excellent advice here.

Douglas Smith's website is an excellent, well-organised resource - especially for writers of speculative fiction - well worth a visit.

Please, if you know of any English language sites which list accurate and up-to-date opportunities for writers then do please pass them on - either through the comments box or email the links to haarlson phillipps at Thanks.

Happy scouting for outlets.

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